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Zoning Regulations




Chris Otten, DC for Reasonable Development (DC4RD)


The DC Office of Planning wants to overhaul the entire Zoning Regulations code book. The nearly 1,000 pages of changes eliminates public input into various projects and makes the rules even more developer friendly than they are now, among many other concerns.

These are some concerns that are NOT reflected in the zoning regulations rewrite:

  •  A realistic affordable housing strategy and rules that truly define "affordable";
  • Steering investment to neighborhoods that need and could benefit from it most more and better public facilities (schools, parks, sewers, transit) in areas slated for growth;
  • Expanding the supply of housing for families;
  • Supporting small businesses protecting solar easements, preserving green space, combatting heat islands, and promoting more environmentally-sensitive development
  • A long-term plan for the retention, stewardship, and acquisition of public land to serve public needs;
  • Procedures that enable residents to play a meaningful role in governmental decision-making on development projects in their neighborhoods; and
  • Transparently addressing the very real displacement pressures we face, while respecting and preserving what we love about DC.

What YOU can do:

  1. Testify before the Zoning Commission.

Email [email protected] and ask to testify on the zoning rewrite (case 08-06A). Hearings will be held on September 4th and September 8th - 11th. See this link >> http://dcoz.dc.gov/ZRR/zrr.shtm

2.   Speak up and help put these issues on the political agenda during the Mayoral and     Council races.

3.    Work together and build lasting connections with people in other parts of the city.

Unless and until we build a strong civic coalition, the developers will always win.

Contact us with any questions: DC for Reasonable Development

[email protected] // 202-810-2768 http://www.dc4reality.org

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